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Heimdall for your self hosted Applications

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Looking for a Dashboard for your self hosted Applications?

More info on DockerHub,, or



In this Post I want to show you how to create a Heimdall Image for your Raspberry Pi.
I will be using the Portainer set up from this Post, including the MacVlan set up.


1. Installation

Create a new Container. Give it a Name, the necessary ports and the Image.

Portainer Heimdall set up

Under Network add an IPv4 Address of your liking.

Portainer Heimdall Network set up

Add the Environment Variables “PGID”, “PUID”, and “TZ”.

Portainer Heimdall Environment set up

Next, choose your restart policy.

Portainer Heimdall restart policy set up

Now deploy the Container and a wait a few minutes.


2. How to Use Heimdall

When opening the provided IPv4 Address in a Browser, you will be welcomed with this screen.

Heimdall home screen

To add an Application, just click “Add an Application here” at the top, or the 3 Bars on the sidebar.

In this example I will be adding Pihole that I set up in a previous Post here.

Adding Portainer to Heimdall

Click Save and we’re done.


If you want to, you can change your Browsers default page to your Heimdall Container.

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