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Free Network-wide AdBlocker | PiHole

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Want to block all ads on your entire network? Use PiHole!

More Information on PiHole, on, DockerHub and GitHub.



I want to show you how to set up PiHole on your Home Network.

I will be using Portainer and the Macvlan network we created in this post.


1. Installing PiHole on Portainer

Create a new Container and name it to your liking.

Publish the Ports:

53:53 TCP

53:53 UDP

67:67 UDP

80:80 TCP

443:443 TCP

Map these volumes:

Use the macvlan network we created in this post.

Add Environment Variables.

Change “WEBPASSWORD” to your password.

ServerIP to the IP you provided in the step above.

You don’t have to add ServerIPv6, but if you want to just use the IPv6 of your device and change the last 4 numbers.

Restart Policy is Always.

And you have to enable NET_ADMIN.


2. How to Use

Visit the IP you provided.

Then Login with the password you provided in the “WEBPASSWORD” environment Variable.

Go to Settings and enable the DNS Servers you’d like. I prefer OpenDNS.

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